Using the busy urban street and span of gridded windows of Double Strength as inspiration for this new geometric series of works, Anzalone integrates these spatial structures with the environment in an attempt to create a distinct and unified visual experience. Building materials, sand, and sediments are the essential ingredients in this installation. The intrinsic qualities of these materials influence its form, texture, and color. By using these humble materials outside of their usual context, Anzalone accentuates their often overlooked subtle beauty and diversity. Configuration acts as a counterweight to the hyperactive surrounding urban environment. Engaging with these stable configurations via their natural earth tones, textural variety, and shifting light is intended to create a space for the viewer's reflection.

Jonathan Anzalone was born on Long Island in 1981. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in painting in 2003. For three years he worked with the furniture maker Peter Murkett in western Massachusetts where he developed an interest in melding functional and non-functional objects. In 2009 Jonathan and Joe Ferriso established Anzfer Farms, dedicated to erasing the distinction between furniture and art. Since 2014 Jonathan has maintained a wood shop and art studio in San Francisco where he continues the integration of these two practices.