Saif Azzuz + Savannah Rusher: Patch of Sun

Double Strength at Gallery 16 is pleased to present Patch of Sun, an exhibition of recent paintings by Savannah Rusher and Saif Azzuz. The exhibition is viewable through the exterior windows facing Bryant Street and 3rd Street. The paintings presented are abstracted studies of rock formations, signage, sun faded buildings, contrasting cultures, political unrest and the passing of time. Patch of Sun is a reflection of the personal experience and powers seemingly out of our control, big vs small, or maybe big and small together.

Savannah Rusher is a multidisciplinary artist based in Oakland, California. From painting & printmaking to graphic design, Savannah’s aesthetic is directly influenced by a history of surfing, Modernist architecture, and civic signage. Her curiosity for abstraction and semiotics spans across a variety of mediums, focusing heavily on analog experimentation with various commercial production processes. She has published several books and shown her work in Brooklyn, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and her hometown of Charleston, SC.

Saif Azzuz is based in Pacifica, CA. His work revolves around the manipulation, appropriation, and de-contextualization of Yurok and Arab imagery and mainstream iconography. Through exploring how Arab and Indigenous culture is depicted and understood in the US, Saif uses his own experience to expand on how ideas of cultural authenticity and tradition interface with contemporary trans-cultural experiences in America. He has an upcoming solo show at Adobe Books in San Francisco, July 2019.

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