Your Lost Shoe

Your Lost Shoe is Jonn Herschend’s first solo show since 2011. He wanted you to know that it has been a while. He’s been distracted.
Here’s what it’s about:
It’s about a love triangle between Mark, Lisa and the Narrator of the show.

Here’s also what it will be about:
It’s about everything that happened since the last solo show (which took place at Steven Wolf Projects in 2011 and was called The Book You Said I Never Returned, which attempted to prove—in the form of a gallery exhibition—that the narrator had in fact returned a book that he borrowed from Lisa). One can consider it a sort of update on how things have shaken out with Mark, Lisa and the Narrator.

The show will also involve Mark’s lost shoe.
The show is also a sort of adaptation of Shakespeare’s As You Like It.
It can also be said that the show will be a further exploration of narrative structure, entertainment and veracity.

The narrative will involve the following:

10 oil paintings
8 watercolors
1 sculpture
A PowerPoint presentation
A quarterly report
Intro by the writer Anthony Discenza
An on-line exhibition trailer featuring the talents of
Packard Jennings
Kate Rhoades
Scott Vermiere
Beth Lisick
It can be said that Herschend is thinking of Eisenstien’s Soviet Montage Theory of editing when he is thinking about how the viewer will engage these disparate elements.

Also for this show, there will be two events:

1) A film screening of films by Herschend and also not by Herschend (March 16, 2017)
2) An evening of sad comedy, complete with a musical guest (April 14, 2017)