A Group Show Curated By Lizzie Kurita

Esho Funi

Esho Funi is a group exhibition organized by Lizzie Kurita featuring artists Rose Dickson, Ala Ebtekar, Zach Hill, Graham Holoch, Cybele Lyle, Shaun O'Dell, Alice Shaw and Jered Sprecher.

Creation myths define human reality—not in rational or literal terms—but orient us on how a group of people came to be. These myths reaffirm and guide people on how to relate to the natural world and to each other. The artist Anish Kapoor has said, “Artists don't make objects. Artists make mythologies.”

The Japanese term esho funi refers to the oneness of self and environment. Life (sho) and its environment (e) are inseparable (funi). Esho Funi is a collection of abstract works—inspired by nature in a variety of medium spanning painting, photography, sculpture and video—that consider the connection of the artist to their environment. Funi also means “two but not two.”

Bring these artworks down to the bomb shelter, will you? We’ll use them as artifacts after the apocalypse levels out the streets.